Future Plans

Randolph World Ministries, Inc. strives to maintain a healthy balance between careful planning and spontaneity to remain flexible to the Lord's leading. The following items explicate the general plans of Randolph World ministries, Inc.

  1. Continue annual medical mission trips
    a. Expand our services to other clinics in Haiti
    b. Increase the frequency and length of mission trips
    c. Expand our services to other countries

  2. Continue to provide the mobile clinics
    a. Offer the mobile clinic service on each medical mission trip
    b. Expand mobile clinic to other remote communities

  3. Continue regular shipments of materials
    a. Continue to ship laboratory material, medicines, toiletries and clothing
    b. Expand these shipments to other clients in Haiti
    c. Expand these shipments to other countries

  4. Continue to provide computer consultation services
    a. Develop an expert panel to offer rapid email consultation
    b. Expand these services to other clinics in Haiti
    c. Expand these services to other countries

  5. Continue ministry efforts
    a. Continue to teach Bible studies to missionary staff
    b. Continue to preach at clinic staff worship services
    c. Continue to preach in the pulpits of local Haitian churches

  6. Continue to provide missionary opportunities
    a. Continue to provide medical mission opportunities to individuals
    b. Develop medical mission teams to function independently

  7. Write grants to support medical services and research activities
    a. Develop a sickle cell testing and treatment program
    b. Develop an HIV testing and treatment program
    c. Develop other medical intervention programs