Please send all contributions to Randolph World Ministries, Inc. Randolph World Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization and sends annual tax receipts to all contributors for that fiscal year.

Make check payable to:
Randolph World Ministries, Inc.
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Financial Supporters

Randolph World Ministries, Inc. has established and is developing three networks of partners; financial contributors, medical supply donors, and industrial partners. These networks are the foundation of the ministry. We seek to recruit individuals and companies into these networks who share the vision of Randolph World Ministries, Inc. In some cases, individuals belong to more than one network.

Financial Supporters for Randolph World Ministries, Inc

Financial contributors involves friends of the ministry who make financial contributions. Randolph World Ministries, Inc. sends annual tation letters to the individuals in this network approximately 6 weeks prior to the annual medical mission trip. In addition to sending a contribution immediately following receipt of the annual letter, a few contributors have chosen to send donations at regular intervals throughout the year. These contributions are used primarily to fund medical mission trips, to cover shipping costs for the materials sent to Haiti throughout the year, and to purchase items for the clinic labs that were not acquired through the medical supply donor network.

Medical Supply Donors

Medical supply donors includes clinical laboratory professionals and other medical professionals who donate medical materials to the ministry. These medical partners serve as a liaison between their facility and Randolph World Ministries, Inc. These partners are continually aware of the laboratory needs of the ministry and stay on the alert for laboratory materials that become available at their facility due to overstock, out-dating, or procedural changes. These materials are rescued from the waste bin and sent directly to Randolph World Ministries, Inc. Other medical professionals identify additional medical materials like drugs, simple surgical items, sutures, wound dressings etc. as they become available and send them to the ministry. Randolph World Ministries, Inc. will gladly cover the shipping costs associated with the donation but is grateful when the medical donor includes shipping costs into their donation. Lists of the needed laboratory and other medical supplies are available under the "Needed Materials" link to guide the medical supply donor in the acquisition of appropriate supplies.

Medical Supply Donation for Randolph World Ministries, Inc