What We Do

In 2000, Randolph World Ministries, Inc. began operations through a partnership with one Haitian clinic laboratory by providing training and materials to improve their laboratory services. Today, Randolph World Ministries, Inc. serves the people of Haiti in nine primary areas:

  1. provide a full range of medical services to over 20 Haitian clinics through training, materials, consultation, and personal visits to each facility
  2. conduct mobile clinics in remote areas of Haiti where healthcare is unavailable
  3. conduct mass screening efforts to provide free laboratory testing to patients during medical mission trips
  4. develop and implement small business start-up companies to elevate individual families and grow a local economy
  5. provide medical education in medical vocational schools and universities
  6. provide emergency relief following natural disasters and other types of urgent need
  7. provide the manpower and resources for small building rehabilitation projects
  8. conduct eye clinics to fit glasses for vision correction and train local medical personnel in eye examinations
  9. conduct medical research to advance the medical knowledge and the practice of medicine in Haiti