History and Logistics

The President of Randolph World Ministries, Inc., Tim R. Randolph has been involved in mission trips to Haiti since 1999. However, since the establishment of Randolph World Ministries, Inc. in 2001, we have been conducting annual medical mission trips to Haiti. Currently, Randolph World Ministries, Inc. makes two medical mission trips per year. The winter trip is typically 3 weeks in length and usually occurs from around Christmas to approximately the second week of January depending on Tim’s work schedule. The summer trip is between 4-5 weeks in length and typically occurs between the end of May and middle July. Although Tim is present during the entire length of both trips, shorter versions of both trips (1 week and 2 week options) are offered to team members who are unable to serve the entire time.

Mission Trip 2001
Mission Trip 2002
Mission Trip 2003
Mission Trip 2004
Mission Trip 2005
Mission Trip 2006
Mission Trip 2007 – Summer
Mission Trip 2007/08 – Winter
Mission Trip 2008 - Summer
Mission Trip 2008/09 - Winter
Mission Trip 2009 – Summer
Mission Trip 2009/2010 - Winter

Randolph World Ministries Mission Trips

If you are interested in joining a Randolph World Ministries, Inc. medical mission team, send Dr. Randolph an email at randoltr@slu.edu and indicate your interest. Your name and email address will be added to the “Potential Team Member” network. You will receive an invitation to consider the next medical mission team about five months before the next trip is slated to occur. For the winter trip (December/January) the email will be sent around July/August and for the summer trip (May/June/July) the email will be sent around January/February. With each invitation you will be asked to respond in one of three ways: I absolutely cannot participate in the next trip; I may be able to participate in the next trip; please remove me from the “Potential Team Member” email list. For those who respond affirmatively, more information will be provided over time with an absolute commitment being required three months before departure. An application and a deposit of $250 will be required which will secure your slot on the next team.