Going on a Trip


The estimated cost of a medical mission trip through Randolph World Ministries, Inc. is approximately $800/person for a one week trip, $1,400/person for a two week trip and about $600/person/week in Haiti for trips three weeks or longer. These estimated costs include all expenses from the time we fly from Florida to Haiti until the flight from Haiti back to the US. Since team members live all across the US, each team member is responsible for the added travel expenses of getting from their home to Florida. The only other additional expenses include a passport, immunizations, and souvenirs purchased in Haiti.

Team Composition

Team sizes range from 10-20 and include professionals and students of all medical disciplines (i.e. laboratory professionals, phlebotomists, physicians, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, optometrists/opticians, imaging technicians like sonographers and X-ray techs, health information managers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, EMTs, etc.). We are also interested in business professionals to mentor our small business owners and construction/maintenance professionals to assist in certain construction and rehabilitation projects. In addition, others are welcome as space allows to assist in the mass screening program, eye clinic, construction, and natural disaster clean up efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Trip Preparations:

1. What can I expect on a typical trip?
2. What about money?
3. What do I wear / bring?
4. What is the weather like?
5. Do I need a passport?
6. What immunizations should I have?
7. Are there any other medications I need to bring?
8. What personal items should I bring?

While in Haiti:

9. What should I do with my money, passport, and green immigration reentry card?
10. What is the food like?
11. Will I have electricity?
12. What about the water supply?
13. Do we have laundry services?
14. What is my obligation to partake in Randolph World Ministries?
15. What do we do during our downtime?
16. How do I document my experience?
17. What about sleeping arrangements?
18. What can I do for exercise?
19. Where can I find out more about Randolph World Ministries?
20. Do I have to speak the language?
21. What activities will I be doing through the week?
22. What if I get sick or injured during the trip?
23. What are the expected costs for the trip?

Join Us

Randolph World Ministries, Inc. offers medical mission ministry opportunities to anyone who feels called to participate. Expertise and/or experience in a branch of medicine is not necessary but highly valued. We can find ministry opportunities for individuals with any skill set. However, individuals with a variety of medical degrees are encouraged to participate to include but not limited to physicians, laboratory professionals, physician assistants, phleobtomists, therapists (OT and PT), nurses, X-ray techs, sonographers, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, health information managers, dieteticians, EMTs, etc. If more individuals apply for a slot on a team than can be accommodated in a given year, priority will be given to those with a medical background and experience in foreign medical missions.

To be considered as a team member, simply contact Tim using the contact information provided. Completion of an application is required which includes a picture, verification that immunizations have been obtained, a passport number, and a spiritual testimonial.