Hello Friends of Randolph World Ministries, Inc.,

Please read the newest update on material provided and plans for the next six months of recovery in Haiti.

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Several of you have asked how you can help so I have listed several options below:

1. Prayer support

2. Financial contributions to purchase food, water and medical supplies

Make check payable to:

Randolph World Ministries, Inc.
5025 Romaine Springs Drive
Fenton, MO  63026

3. Send medical supplies to me to distribution to our partner clinics:
a. Wound care
b. Suture kits
c. Braces, splints and wraps
d. Laboratory supplies
e. Analgesics
f. General supplies like latex gloves
g. Crutches
h. Other materials to be announced

4.  Basic Medicines:
a. Antibiotics (send a list to verify that they are prescribed in Haiti)
b. Analgesics (Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprophen, Aleve etc.)
c. Anti-inflammatory drugs (Aleve)
d. Antacids
e. Anti-nausea
f. Anti-histamines
g. Albuterol
h. Anti-parasitic (Albendazole, Ivermectin, Praziquantel,Paromomycin, Fumagillin, Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole,Metronidazole (Flagyl)
i. Vitamins
j. Calcium pills
k. Potassium pills
l. Protein powder (NOT LIQUID)
m. Feel free to submit other ideas

5. Toiletries
a. Shampoo
b. Soap
c. Lotion
d. Toothbrushes
e. Toothpaste
f. Combs
g. Hand sanitizer
h. Wash Cloths
i. Towels

6. Non Perishable Food
1.Non-perishable food
  a.Peanut butter
  b.Breakfast/nutrition/power bars
  c.Canned/bagged meats (Pull tops ONLY – No can openers)
        Tuna,Chicken,Salmon,Spam,Vienna sausages,Etc.
  d.Soups (Pull tops ONLY – no can openers)
  e.Canned pasta (Warm and eat)
        Spaghettios,Chili mac,Raviolios,Mac and cheese,Etc.
  f.Bottled water
  g.Feel free to submit other ideas for Tim to verify

Please only email me to acknowledge a contribution pledge or to confirm that medical materials are being sent. I need to keep my inbox as clear as possible to coordinate these relief efforts.  I am the most blessed man on earth to have friends and partners like you. I will thank you properly once we meet in heaven.

All for Him,


Tim R. Randolph, PhD, MT(ASCP), CLS(NCA) 
Associate Professor
Department of Clinical Laboratory Science
Doisy College of Health Sciences
Saint Louis University
President and Founder
Randolph World Ministries, Inc.



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